Augmented Reality

Web based Augmented Reality
& interactive 3D-Web
without App!


We offer web based Augmented Reality and 3D Web as an all-in-one solution with our OSAR-Player. Thus, Augmented Reality is possible on every smartphone without the installation of an app: so it’s App-less AR!
Of course we also produce the content for you: digitalization of your products, 3D animations and videos.

What is Web-AR and how does it work
In 2:30min. explained!

Advantages of our OSAR player

Augmented Reality – without App

The player is based on pure web technology and still offers an augmented reality experience with integration of the smartphone camera. This makes AR easy to use and the installation of apps and releases via Apple and Google are a thing of the past. Changes can be made live, directly before or even during your campaign, without the user having to update apps!


To see products in 3D and as AR is one thing, the other is, we provide fixed links. This means that in our player, even when "sharing", all links, such as the shopping links, remain linked to the product. And no matter how often the experience is shared via WhatsApp, Text Message or social media, the original shopping link remains valid and leads the customer to the retailer.


In addition to AR, the OSAR player also offers the classic 3D web function. Therefore the interactive content and products can also be viewed via a desktop computer. This means a player works for iOS, Android and desktop computers without having to change the application!


The technology is provided via our OSAR player, this player is based on Web-GL, which can be embedded via iFrame. This allows the OSAR player to be easily integrated into websites. At the same time, it also works as a stand-alone player, since it can also be a format-filling website of its own. This is particularly suitable for spontaneous advertising and communication campaigns.


A 3D web or augmented reality experience can be easily integrated into your communication. The user only needs to enter the URL on which the player is embedded. This can be done in many ways and you can use them all at the same time. Here are just a few examples:

  • POS/POI: a printed QR code or embedded URL via the Wi-fi hotspot
  • Print: printed URL or QR code
  • Social Media: Embedded URL of the player or website
  • Your webshop: embedded player via iFrame


There are various possible applications, depending on what you want to communicate. Here are just a few examples:

  • 3D product presentation on the web (e.g. being able to view the product from all sides)
  • Placement of products via AR in the customer environment (e.g. placing furniture virtually in your own living space)
  • Animation of product functions (e.g. to explain products)

Take a Look at our cases.


Most smartphones from the past 4 years, which are based on the Android or iOS operating systems, are supported. For example, devices starting with the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 and above are supported. With this we reach about 80% of the currently available smartphones on the market.
As always, the newer and more powerful the device, the faster and more interactive the application.